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What is the significance of the chalice--or grail--symbolism? According to Marija Gimbutas

The chalice is ubiquitous as a symbol for the feminine container. Marija Gimbutas[pioneering archaeologist and commentator on goddess symbols and goddess-worshipping cultures of pre-historic Europe and the Near East] noted examples of the letter V on cave walls dating fromprehistoric times. The downward-pointing triangle is universally understood as the female pubic triangle, and the hexagram is a very ancient symbol for the cosmic dance of the chalice and the blade, the maleand female triangles representing the deities Shiva and Shakti in India.

Different grail stories

Another versions of the Grail Story are found in a 3,514-line poem by Robert de Boron calledJoseph of Arimathie or The Romance of the Seint Graal or Holy Grail, written between 1191 and 1201, and Parzifal by Wolfram von Eschenbach between 1195 and 1210. In this version, the grail is amiraculous stone which prevents death and sustains life through food and drink.

The original sense of graal, therefore, was a bowl or dish, and the Holy Grail was the Holy Dish which was used at the LastSupper:
According to non-canonical stories, the Holy Dish was subsequently stolen by a servant of Pilate and used by Pilate to wash his hands in:
Later it was given by Pilate to Joseph of Arimatheaas a memorial of Christ, and finally used by Joseph to collect the Holy Blood of Christ flowing from his five wounds.
However, even in the 12th century, the holy dish was replaced in stories by acup or chalice. The words san greal lost their original meaning ("holy dish") and were turned into sang real and interpreted as meaning "real blood" (although, as a French phrase, the word real wouldmean "royal," and thus "royal blood").

Theories of the holy grail
Believe it or not
Other theories put forward by would-be codebreakers
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