Long board

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Long board
A long Table (in English: Longboard) is a longer scooter of the habitual thing and, sometimes, ampler form. The Longboards is used to lower hills, or in races, slalom, or simplylike means of transport. To the widest being, it grants but stability, security, and comfort that a normal skate. Its size and weight make less appropriate for scooters of tricks, but both contributeto that longboard has a fluid movement and can cross a greater distance with a single impulse. Longboarding often compares with surf and snowboard. Longboarding became popular next to the culturethrough surf in the middle of years 1950. The Longboarding was originated in the streets of California, where it gave to reason to many longboarders due to the “Rolling Hills”. One of the groups that butthey have influenced this sport is the Z-Boys, a group of skaters that gave the returned one to the world in this sport, in this equipment they were people like Stacy Peralta or Tony Alva. The Z-Boyshad their own style to which they called Dogtown since what they did he was not single to lower hills, but that played with the streets. The Z-Boys has been transferred to the screen in the Mastersof Dogtown, film that has been directed by Stacy Peralta. Nowadays, in longboarding is done for surfers young people between who they emphasize incredible the Riders of ``LoadedBoards´´. This group isbeing followed with videos in Youtube in which they show trips perfect places etc. In this group he emphasizes James Kelly and Kyle Chin, which are you castrated to make incredible maneuvers, hisspecialty is the Slide and Downhill, a movement that consists of skidding the ground soon to restrain. Also in some countries there are other great examples that are stand as Within long skate we founddifferent modalities. To all it unites the pleasure to move us to us from a side to another one raised in a table, but many ways exist to make it Carving. More than a modality, it is a form to slide,...
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