Long day

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1. - Read the text and underline the verb.
2. - Read again and answer the questions about David?
a. What`s his name?
b. Does David live with his wife and twochildren?
c. Where does David live?
d. Is he Spanish?
e. Is his job in the centre of London?
3. - Say if the following statements are true or false.
* Everyday David leaves home at seven o`clock.
* He drives three miles to York.
* He takes the 6.12 Inter-City Express to King`s cross in London.
* David doesn`t walk to his office.

4. - Askquestions.
a. David gets home at nine in the evening.
b. yes, I like my job.

5. - Complete the text with the correct form of the present simple of the verbs in brackets.
Gavin Hunter is 32 yearsold. He is a famer and (live) 1 _______ in Somerset with his wife and two children. Every morning he (get up) 2_______ at 6.00 and (make) 3 tea for his wife, Helen and (prepare) 4_______ a bottle ofmilk for his baby daughter, Kate.
At about 6.30 he (milk) 5 ________ the cows and after breakfast he (work) 6_______ on the farm.
Gavin (have) 7_______ his main meal of the day at lunchtime. Inthe evening Gavin and Helen usually (watch) 8_______ television. They (go) 9________to bed at about 10.30. Last thing at night Gavin (listen to) 10________ the weather forecast on the radio.

6. -Ask questions and answer them.
a. When/ you read a newspaper?
b. Your mother/ smoke?
c. Where/ your friends live?
d. Your father/ play chess?
e. What time/ you listen to music?
f. Your sister/speak Japanese?
g. Your parents/ drive a car?

a. His name is David Ross.
b. Yes, he does.
c. He lives in Leeming (a small country village near York, England).
d. No, he isn`t.
e.Yes, it is.


a. What time does David get home?
b. Do you like your job?


1. Lives
2. Gets up
3. Makes
4. Prepares
5. Milk

6. Works...
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