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  • Publicado : 2 de junio de 2011
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yo soi yo ii si pieno existoall begins when Mr. Morse meets Anne Scott they did not talk muchbut after she came to talk to him, and we started to talk about theirlives and asked about their children(Edward and michael) they kept talking all night despidireron eventually to meet on again shesaid she lived 9 Channel Reach and said goodbye.
six months after Mr. Morse was in Oxford when herememberedAnne Scott and went to visit and come home with a surprise wasfound dead in her Anne was cooking and could not believe it tookfright or he did not know that make and taste was the police andtaken tothe morgue and there began the investigation into the death of jericho.
Mr. Morse could not believe it, Anne was dead there was like Mr.Morse thought if it was suicide or murder because just thekitchen door was closed and also the front door is open Because letsomeone open tube by thought that just that day she was alone allconcurred.
Walters and Bell were inventigando inspector for Anne inherhouse they found three important things a letter from the mom,adress-book and a journal.
in the journal found a clue that said EM 2:30 and that was just theday of his death.
Then the inspector wentto the Lockman Walters asked him if he might make a key to the back door of the house of Anne and told her not to ask the best man of the house 10 and the inspector said surprisingly good, thanksthen investigated in Jackson and he just said that on the day of Anne's death was in the morning but I tell her to return in the afternoon but was not, then the inspector Walters, said good by and wentto investigate further .
While Morse was asking the doctor's Anne if they killed or killed and the final say quickly "killed her"
while Mr. Morse was investigating the clues at the home of Anneandfound some very curious as she taught German and helpedone of the brothers Richards to learn German.
while Charles Richard Recivier a letter that said "I know all of thedeath of Mrs. Scott and if...
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