Lord of the flies book key facts

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Key Facts
full title  ·  Lord of the Flies
type of work  · Novel; adventure story, fiction
narrator & tense · The story is told by an anonymousthird-person narrator who conveys the events of the novel without commenting on the action or intruding into the story; Immediate past
point of view  · The narrator speaks in the third person,primarily focusing on Ralph’s point of view but following Jack and Simon in certain episodes. The narrator is omniscient and gives us access to the characters’ inner thoughts.
setting (time & place) · Near future; · A deserted tropical island
protagonist  · Ralph
major conflict · Free from the rules that adult society formerly imposed on them, the boys marooned on the island struggle with theconflicting human instincts that exist within each of them—the instinct to work toward civilization and order and the instinct to descend into savagery, violence, and chaos.
rising action · The boysassemble on the beach. In the election for leader, Ralph defeats Jack, who is furious when he loses. As the boys explore the island, tension grows between Jack, who is interested only in hunting, and Ralph,who believes most of the boys’ efforts should go toward building shelters and maintaining a signal fire. When rumors surface that there is some sort of beast living on the island, the boys growfearful, and the group begins to divide into two camps supporting Ralph and Jack, respectively. Ultimately, Jack forms a new tribe altogether, fully immersing himself in the savagery of the hunt.
climax · Simon encounters the Lord of the Flies in the forest glade and realizes that the beast is not a physical entity but rather something that exists within each boy on the island. When Simon tries toapproach the other boys and convey this message to them, they fall on him and kill him savagely.
falling action · Virtually all the boys on the island abandon Ralph and Piggy and descend further...
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