Lord of the flies samneric

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Sam & Eric: represent the need humans have for moral support from others. Sam and Eric are so connected that they must do everything together. As soon as one of them takes an action, the otherfollows. Both twins respect Ralph because he offers them a sense of security. Sam n’ Eric’s main job throughout the novel is to tend the fire.
Soon, however, when the sense of security Ralph provides isthreatened by Jack and his hunters, Samneric decide to join Jack’s tribe (after they are threatened). Later, they even betray Ralph, showing his hiding place to the others. In this way, Samnericsymbolize the weakness of human nature. When really pressed, these twins decide to join the dark side.
,Jack is the first person to use the Samneric nickname, which is not so much a surprise. Piggy is theonly one to take pains to tell them apart. When he’s learning everyone’s name in the beginning, he repeats “Sam” and “Eric” (as separate names), and later asks them to clarify who is who. Thedistinction doesn’t last long though.

One of the big moments in Lord of the Flies is when Sam and Eric start fighting with each other. Piggy points out that they’ve never done this before, and this is whenhe (and the reader) feels that things are really getting out of hand. Piggy worries that, if brother is attacking brother, everyone is in real trouble.
• We meet Sam and Eric at the first gatheringof the boys on the island. Piggy is sure to ask and remember their names.
• Jack calls the twins “Samneric” while they all pig-hunt together.
• Sam and Eric are tending the fire when they see “thebeast,” which we all know is actually a dead parachuting man.
• Once Jack has announced his feast, Sam and Eric are the only boys left with Piggy, Ralph, and Simon.
• But that doesn’t last long; theyend up at the feast.
• They are there along with all the other boys when Simon is brutally murdered.
• The next day, they try to deny (along with Ralph and Piggy) that they were at the feast when...
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