Lord of the flies

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Lord of the Flies
‘Lord of the Flies’ follows the story of a group of boys stranded on an isolated desert island. This group of boys was compound by different type of classes, in the point of viewof luxury, manners and knowledge. They were in a plane which was attacked by another one, and crashed in this island where they should learn to survive by their own, because there were no grownups.Among these children, one of the main characters was Jack Merridew, who had an arrogant personality, and a contradictory attitude. With this I mean, that at first he said “‘we’ve got to have rules andobey them. After all we’re not savages’”, however, he was the first when doing exactly the contrary to that. For instance, Ralph, another main character of the novel, wanted to be a leader, as wellas Jack, voted to have rules and accords to maintain the order. On the other hand, was Jack who provoked chaos, when breaking rules to beat Ralph. This is a clear example of one of the main themes inthe novel, Order vs Savagery.
We first meet the character of Jack towards the end of Chapter One. At this point, Jack arrives to the meeting with his group, the choir, and him as the leader. All ofthem with their uniforms and singing. The first thing Jack ought to do is to become a leader, where he failed when the rest voted for Ralph. Here we can see Jack loves to be leader, and he is alsoegocentric. He overestimates his position in the choir and likes to presume about it, he is also very strict with the choir, he order them to do heavy things, such as remain still right down of the sunwith their uniforms on. The uniforms of the choir consist in long black coats with a silver cross on the left breast and the neck was finished off with a hambone frill, and the only difference to theleaders is the golden cap badge. When they arrived where the meeting was they decided who should be the leader and the rule of the conch which Piggy found. The one who had the conch on the hand had...
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