Lorean culture

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Here we can list some of the rules when go to Korea and this is your first time there and you know if they have a different culture like what should have to eat, what I have to behave when I’m in a different house or I’m in a type of business reunion and you have to impress people and close that business well I cant give you some tips for etiquette when your eating,when you give a gift or when you meet a person first lets start with the first with the meeting etiquette rules 1 rule Many South Koreans shake hands with expatriates after the bow, thereby blending both cultural styles.this is astrict rule you have to follow especially with south Korean people.second rule this is mostly apllicate when you are a employee of any kind of job in korea everThe personof lower status bows to the person of higher status, yet it is the most senior person who initiates the handshake the third rule its when you meet someone aand this person say hello The person who initiates the bow says, "man-na-suh pan-gop-sumnida", which means "pleased to meet you." 
the forth rule its when you don’t know anyone in any place you go the Information about the other person willbe given to the person they are being introduced to in advance of the actual meeting and you have to wait to be introduced by a social gathering the fifth rule its that  When you leave a social gathering, say good-bye and bow to each person individually.i hope this business etiquettes are to your liking and interest this was only for business mens now lets go with a more friendship relation letsgive them a space to giving gifts etiquettes because this is important when you meet a new person ok lets start with number one, for Korean people gifts express a great deal about a relationship and are always reciprocated and with people It is inconsiderate to give someone an expensive gift if you know that they cannot afford to reciprocate accordingly when you go to any house the perfect presentis Bring fruit or good quality chocolates or flowers if you are invited to a Korean's home also gifts should be wrapped nicely also the number 4 is considered unlucky, so gifts should not be given in multiples of 4 giving 7 of an item is considered lucky Wrap gifts in red or yellow paper, since these are royal colours. Alternatively, use yellow or pink paper since they denote happiness. Do notwrap gifts in green, white, or black paper. Do not sign a card in red ink. When you give a gift use both hands when offering a gift, gifts are not opened when receive you have to wait until its given now lets give some table manner s that are so important when you are sitting in a Korean table first wait to be told where to sit, There is often a strict protocol to be followed, the eldest are servedfirst, the oldest or most senior person is the one who starts the eating process, never point your chopsticks, do not pierce your food with chopsticks, Chopsticks should be returned to the table after every few bites and when you drink or stop to speak,do not cross your chopsticks when putting them on the chopstick rest, do not pick up food with your hands. Fruit should be speared with atoothpick. When you eat bones and shells it should be put on the table or an extra plate, try a little bit of everything, it is acceptable to ask what something is, refuse the first offer of second helpings.  Finish everything on your plate,indicate you are finished eating by placing your chopsticks on the chopstick rest or on the table,never place them parallel across your rice bowl. some dinningetiquette If you are invited to a South Korean's house  It is common for guests to meet at a common spot and travel together, You may arrive up to 30 minutes late without giving offence, remove your shoes before entering the house, The hosts greet each guest individually, The host pours drinks for the guests in their presence. The hostess does not pour drinks,the hosts usually accompany guests to the...
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