Lorenzo medici

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Lorenzo de Medici; il Magnifico
Lorenzo de Medici, known as il Magnifico (the magnificent), was a statesman, patron of the arts and ruler of Florence. Born into the wealthy family of bankersknown as the Medici family, Lorenzo, along with his brother, would succeed his father as the ruler Florence, and despite the assassination of his brother, Lorenzo still became one of the greatestrulers of Florence. Given that his life coincided with the high point of the early Italian Renaissance, his interest in the arts would be what would drive him to promote them throughout Florence andserve as a basis for the Renaissance. His endorsement over the arts in Florence was so great that upon his death, the center of the Italian Renaissance would shift from Florence to Rome, with no one leftbehind in Florence to patronize the arts as he did.
Lorenzo was born on January first, 1449, in Florence, son of Piero ‘the gouty’ de Medici and Lucrezia Tornabuoni. Due to his grandfather,Cosimo de Medici’s fear of his son not being able to survive him as a ruler for long, he began to prepare Lorenzo for the authority that would be passed down to him after the death of his father(Medici, Lorenzo De' (1449–1492)). Thusly, he received the best education available and learned Greek, Latin and philosophy in thorough sessions with teachers, and by talking to other statesmen andhumanists (Medici, Lorenzo De' (1449–1492)). Furthermore, his father was an avid art collector, and his mother was a poet, writer of sonnets. All of this would serve as an influence of Lorenzo, who wouldbegin to develop a passion for the arts (The Magnificent).
At the age of seventeen, and under his father’s advice, he married Clarice Orsini, a member of a wealthy and influential Roman family(The Magnificent). Thereby, he had established a relationship with one of Rome’s oldest and most powerful families.
His father Piero died on December fifth, 1469, and two days later, the...
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