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The zoo, located in Los Angeles' Griffith Park, is home to 1,100 animals from around the World.
It has been successful in its breeding program of the rare California Condor, helping to growthe number of condors in the world from a low of 22 in the 1980s ( jineteen eighty) to over 330 today. It is one of the few zoos worldwide to contain Mountain Tapir.

The zoo offers some shows likeCalifornia Condor Rescue Zone in an immersive environment ( ENVAIORMENT) , children can learn what it takes to protect California condors.

Griffith Park

is a large park located ( LOUCAITED) inThe Santa Monica Mountains in Los Angeles and is one of the largest urban parks in North America.

A popular attraction, is the annual Festival of Lights which is open to the public in December, andyou can pass by the scenes ( SINS) of lights on foot or by car.

Hollywood Bowl

The Hollywood Bowl is a famous Amphitheatre (EMFIZIDER) in Hollywood, , with capacity for 17,000 ( SEVENTEENZAUSEND ) people mainly used for sporting events and both classical and popular music as one of the symbols of California and popularized in movies and shorts.

It is a symbol of the city with a stagecovered with a bell sound and backed by hills of Hollywood.

The Walk of Fame Hollywood
is a sidewalk along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine (VAIN) Street in Hollywood on whose soil is placed over 2,000(TWO THAUSAND) 5-pointed stars with the names of celebrities to whom the House of Hollywood trade honor for his contribution ( CONTRIBUIXON) to the entertainment industry.

The emblems are:

For aperson that can get a star have to be agree to attend a ceremony within five years and must pay a fee of $ 200 ( TWO HUNDRED) for costs such as security at the ceremony

Some stars were stolen asThe stars corresponds to Gene Autry, James Stewart, Kirk Douglas and Gregory Peck and To prevent these crimes, have taken measures such as placing security cameras in the area but sometimes it fails....
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