Los cambios en la vida

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  • Publicado : 5 de enero de 2011
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Change on life

All my life, I have had many unique elements called change. Change occurs in many different forms and occurs in many different ways. However, recently, I have concluded that thechange may be the deepest of all subjects. I always thought that the change occurs when a person moves to another city or when you lose someone you love. Those are the elements to change, Yeah!, But thechange does not occur in a dramatic event. We can only occur at night when our brains and soul determine that it is time to do something different.

For obvious reasons, people reject the change.Why is it easier to remain the same, to take responsibility for change or especially when people who are close to each believe that this change will be removed or do that are not close as before. Theyfight to change that require the person to change. It is sad to see how this works, but in reality, is probably the simplest reason why people do not change. The people we love, we love so much theywant us to remain as we are for ever. Is always much time a person cannot always stay in the same place. Sometimes, if the people we love just accept change and go with it, understand that change comesoriginally.

It is dangerous to try to stop change in a person. People argue against it, especially if the person wants to change a lot. The reason that someone wants to change not their own choice,but the feeling you feel inside your head and heart is inexplicable. It's almost like a celestial force that is making the change and who have no voice in this matter, but you know you have to do itand somehow controls us. Perhaps the change is not the best change, but if you dig deeper, our loved ones, know that we are not very changeable and we're trying to find them and the only thing we needis more support from people who care about us. When these people that most concern us, see change as something unimportant and try to lower our guard, all for the rules and regulations, the person...
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