Los claxons

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The group started playing in 2002 but officially began playing and recording as a group in 2005. Their great chemistry and recent compositions that grew strong over time got them to createtheir first released album “Sin Ganga” under the record label “Movic Records”. It was recorded on the “Cielo” recording studio in 2004, with Memo Gil and Adrian “Rojo” Treviño as the recordproduction people in charge.[1] In “Sin Ganga”, you can hear the simplicity and musical quality that is hard to find today in artists. This album was a great achievement for Nacho, Sanchez, Pablo and Cholo,like it is for all those artists that dream about releasing an album. They have been influenced by bands like The Beatles to artists like Silvio Rodriguez. Their music influence goes from the extent ofhip hop to ballads.[1]

The Claxons started growing thanks to people who spread the word around about the group. The Internet was also of great help since it helped the independent band reach thedifferent states of the republic of Mexico. Their first great opportunity was when they opened for South American Pop singer Diego Torres in the Arena Monterrey to a crowd of more than 10,000 people.Soon after, they played in sold-out arenas in places like Hermosillo, Mérida, Tijuana, Cd. Obregon, Saltillo, Mexico D.F. and Monterrey.[2]

In 2007, Los Claxons released their second album titled “En Primera”, with 14 songs written and composed by the group members, with Adrian “Rojo” Treviño and Kiko Lobo as part of their production team, and Alberto Ramos as a guest artist playing the drums.“Plan Perfecto” was the first song of their second album which was released on the Internet and played in the radio. The single was available for free download days before the release of the second albumon the record label’s webpage, www.movicrecords.com.

The “En Primera” album includes video footage of an exclusive presentation of the “Cielo” recording studio where they played some of their...
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