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Action research is the capstone project for the M.Ed. program. It involves the identification of a specific issue in the candidate’s work setting, researching the literature regarding the issue, designing a plan to solve the issue, implementing the solution, and reporting the results.
You were introduced to Action Research in EDGR 601, where you identified your issue and wrote the literaturereview for your Action Research project. In EDGR 698 we will pick up right where you left off and continue this process.
Week One: Complete the following:
Refine your research question
Revise Literature Review
Identify three possible solution strategies for implementation
Begin entering data into the Action Research Documentation Form
Week Two: Collect your demographic data andcreate your Action Plan.
Write your Action Plan for implementation
Select and/or develop your data collection tools
Continue entering data into the Action Research Documentation Form
Weeks Three and Four: Implementation phase of the course which will last one to two weeks. During this time you will:
Implement your Action Plan
Continue entering data into the ActionResearch Documentation Form
Week Five: Analyze your data complete your Action Research Documentation Form, and compile your Action Research project. The elements of your Action Research project include:
Title Page
Literature Review
References page
Action Research Documentation Form, and

As you begin this process it may appear a bit arduous, but rest assured,your instructor will be right beside you every step of the way.
As a result of the preparation, implementation, and reporting phases of the action research process, graduate students will be able to:
Synthesize their knowledge of statistics by describing the setting of their action research project.
Apply their knowledge of research methodology in defining an educationalproblem in a school setting.
Synthesize their knowledge and skills in researching and reviewing educational literature.
Develop and evaluate their own creative solutions to educational problems along with solutions proposed by other educators.
Apply their knowledge of research methodology by collecting relevant data regarding the existence of an educational problem and theeffectiveness of their solution strategy.
Demonstrate their knowledge of statistics by analyzing the results of their action research project.
Apply their skills of writing and citing in an appropriate academic format (American Psychological Association, 6th Edition).
Disseminate the results of their action research to the wider educational community.
Overview of the Action Research ProcessEven though some of this may appear to be a review of EDGR 601: Educational Research, it is important to start with a complete overview of the Action Research Process. There are four phases in the Action Research process:
Literature Review
Action Plan
Analysis and Reporting
Each phase must be completed before moving on to the next. Your instructor must certifyfulfillment of a phase in order for you to move on to subsequent phases.
The Literature Review was what you completed in EDGR 601: Educational Research. You became acquainted with Concordia’s approach to the Action Research process, refined your area of focus, developed your research question, researched the literature based on your topic, and made sure the issue for examination was based on yourwork setting in which you have the power base to affect a solution. In the beginning of EDGR 698, you will edit and polish your Literature Review and refine your area of focus.
Phase Two will be comprised of compiling your demographic information and creating your Action Plan. Once your Action Plan has received approval, you may move into the Implementation Phase, which is Weeks Three and Four...
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