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The strategic planning implies fundamental facts ample perspective and long term periods, while more length is the more strategic period of time is the planning, the long term programs and theplanning of all company is strategic. The tactical planning talks about the most effective use of the resources that are to be applied to the profit of the objectives. The strategic planning involves themission and vision Aspects to involve in the planning Investigation and harvesting of the information Controlable aspects: Like the service, prices, publicity, etc. (Internal). Noncontrolable aspects:Economic, ecological, legal, technological, demographic, cultural, competition, policy, society, (External). From the previous thing we obtain qualitative and quantitative data on: ‣ Demand of ourservices ‣ Tastes of our users ‣ Costs - Prices ‣ Caps ‣ Competition ‣ Clients Diagnosis In order to determine as she is the organization. As soon as physical, administrative, financial resources,technical aspects, tendencies of the market, etc. For it we determined: ‣ Strengths: Advantages and points to favor ‣ Weaknesses: Disadvantages and points against ‣ Opportunities: It allows us to improve andto grow ‣ Amenazas: It affects to us if we did not react With the diagnosis we determined: ‣ General Problems ‣ Problems basic ‣ Secondary Problems ‣ Superficial Problems ‣ New businesses ‣ Formas togrow Determination of Objectives An objective is a proposal to obtain that it indicates to us towards where we go It is necessary to establish general missions and particular (financiers, trade, ofservices, ect.) To formulate goals It allows us to measure as the execution of the plan goes and as we are achieving the objectives. The goals are consequent with the problems, diagnosis andobjectives. Programming of activities Selected the goals the activities to realise, the necessary time and the place for the different services are identified to offer using activity cronograms. Resource...
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