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Formal and informal language.
In the following investigation we focus on the standard languagethat is the prevalent in the society, well, talking about women.
Our groups of study are of 15 to 18 years old, where we can see how they speak (formal or not formal).
As students of a secondlanguage, we could see that there are different types of communication but we just focus on this point. Specifically we focus on “genre”, what is the influence that it has in all the communities.
Forexample: men speak more informal than woman, we want to show it in this investigation, spite of this, there is intelligibility among them.
They share the same social level, education level.
We are goingto apply some questionnaires with demands that they could answer easily in for example: informal conversations between them.

“In many communities, different ethnic groups speak different languages.What is more interesting for our purposes, however, are cases where different ethnic groups speak the same language but differ quantitatively or qualitatively in their use in particular variables”.According to Chambers, it means that all groups in the society have different way of speaking, because of different things, for instance: social level, educational level, beliefs, religion, andenvironment.
We saw this in the questionnaires, we applied in students from High School and we can see that they speak in a formal and an informal way. The rank of the age was of 15 to 18. It is a closedgroup, and we could get more results.
“Ethnic group differences in language can be considered to be a particular example of the role of social networks in affecting linguistic behavior. It appearsthat people are influenced linguistically, as might be expected, much more by close friends, family members, work-mates, and members of other social networks to which they belong than by anybody else”...
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