Los esfuerzos de un padre

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Major Essay # 1
“The Efforts of a Father”

Many times we do not realize the daily efforts that our father make in order to give us everything we need. Behind the door they pass trough every day bythe mornings as in the nights, there is a daily effort in which they sacrifice their time and fatigue so his children and wife can live a more quiet and comfortable life.

The father of the family,in most cases, are responsible for the other family members. They take care by giving you a bed in a house with fresh or hot air, giving you food and water so you can eat and drink as much as youneed, giving you water for your personal hygiene and to the rest of your family, paying for light and heat in order to, etc. There is so much that a father gives you daily to satisfy all your needs as afamily, but have you noticed how expensive can your daily spending be? They offered us a bed, electricity, water, shelter, food, drink, etc. With the fact that a person spends daily on average 12dollars a day on food, not counting the costs if you eat outside your home. Now, imagine those 12 dollars multiplied by the number of members in your house, then you multiply that by the number of days aweek, and you will get what only one member of the family spends on the weekly food, and it still missing the personal clothes, accessories, medicine, bills, transport, gasoline, and everything aregular person spend daily.

And that's just in the economic stuff, the father also supports the emotional and intellectual development of their children and wife. They help their children bymotivating them to improve their lives, giving them advice and encouragement, correcting common errors of childhood and adolescence, helping with homework, listening to their problems and giving them apossible solution to each situation. And as they help their children, they also are faithful and loving husbands, pleasing their wife with gifts and details, helping them at home, and above all, giving...
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