Los homosexuales

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always liked to know more places and if its origin

I noticed that behind this city we know

Eric Sanderson argues the importance of knowing the real history of Manhattan and how it has changed.decides to write the book which creates a 3D real old map of how Manhattan was without any industry.

400 years after Hudson found the port of New York, Eric Sanderson explains how to make a 3Dmap of the fascinating ecology of hills, rivers, fauna and flora of the area that later became the city of Manhattan. The big apple''''

Manahatta The project aims to rebuild the natural history ofthe city of New York.

The project utilized as the base document, the map drawn by the British military in 1782.

The Project began a decade ago, when the ecologist Dr. Eric Sanderson, a nativeCalifornian moved to New York City to work in the famous Wildlife Conservation Society at the Bronx Zoo. Dr. Sanderson held that to appreciate fully the concrete landscape, streets and buildings, whichwould be their new home, should "go back in time" to recreate their ecology.

As an environmentalist, Dr. Sanderson uses spatial analysis techniques to protect wildlife in modern landscapes.

Hisrevolutionary idea was to apply these techniques to recreate a historic landscape is recreated in digital format, using mapping software, each one of the mountains, valleys, beaches, streams, forests,caves, wetlands and ponds that were in Manahatta.

I learned to my questions and ideas flow and approves them for the world, have no fears, and take risks.

James Cameron

The big-budget filmsof James Cameron (and even raising) creates unreal worlds. In this personal talk, reveals his childhood fascination with fantasy - from reading science fiction to dive the deep ocean - and how is theblockbuster of his best films "Aliens," "The Terminator", "Titanic" and "Avatar."

Evan Williams talks about listening to Twitter users

Twitter, with short messages of instant gratification and...
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