Los jovenes de hoy en dia

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  • Publicado : 27 de agosto de 2012
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“He was a successful man who through hard work and perseverance built up his own business. His wife, too, owned her business. They had two fine children.
He traveled frequently, and because of anodd premonition that he would someday die in an airplane crash, he refused to fly. For shorter trips he drove his car. For longer trips, he took trains, and even boats, to his destinations.
One springnight a pilot of a small plane experienced a complete engine failure. On top of that, he lost his electrical system, and with it, the use of his radio and navigation instruments. Mist filled the sky.The moon had not yet risen. The plane went down helplessly and blindly in the darkness.
Though injured, the pilot survived the crash. He still cannot remember anything that happened as the planestruck the ground and plowed into a motel just outside of a large town. There was only one casualty: a man sleeping safely in the bed of his motel room. On that sad night, that man’s life-long premonitionthat he would someday die in an airplane crash found its conclusion.”

Thanks to the great amount of security safeties, flying has turned into one of the safest ways of travelling. However, thisreason isn’t enough for millions of travelers from suffering from aviophobia (the fear of fly). For this people, travelling by plane can turn a holiday dream into their worst nightmare… But what ismeant by fear of fly?
When someone suffers from aviophobia he is constantly irrationally alarmed by the possible consequences of flying, and therefore uncomfortable to do so. Aviophobia is one ofseveral kind of Anxiety Disorders: As an anxiety, the “fear” of flying is more concerned with what might happen than with what actually is happening. These type of disorders make the person feel afraid offlying even if all systems of the plane are functioning normally
So what may cause the development of fear of fly? It can be somewhat unique to everyone, and may does not come from a precise...
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