Los mineros

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  • Publicado : 24 de octubre de 2010
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Miners approached about book, movie deals

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Miners approached about book, movie deals
Updated on: 2010-10-14 21:26:28

Story posted 2010.10.14 at 06:26 PM PDTAfter the successful mine rescue in Chile, the 33 men have a new life. Each miner has a story, and the world is eager to hear them. The men are being approached about book and movie deals - deals thatcould be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars for each man.Their 69-day survivor story has made them international stars, and that may allow them to never climb down into a mine again.

Theminers were hoisted to safety ahead of schedule on Wednesday night, taking 22.5 hours to complete the rescue operation. Rescuers chanted, "Chile!" as each miner was hoisted to safety.

So many thingscould have gone wrong, and yet everything seemed to go right.

The men were below the surface since Aug. 5 in a space no bigger than a studio apartment. They said they prayed a lot and kept a regularroutine.

The miners lived on meager rations and admit the ordeal was very difficult. The hardest part, they said, was the first few days when they realized how dire their situation was.

Oneminer's wife was expecting a child, and he feared the worst.

"I was scared about not getting to know my son. That's what I wanted the most." Ricardo Villarroel said. He also said he prayed every day andgot closer to God during the ordeal.

Villarroel said the miners shared their problems with each other and did a lot of talking.

Miners in surprisingly good condition

All of the men are undermedical observation, but they are said to be in surprisingly good condition. According to doctors, several of the miners are expected to be released on Thursday.

"Not a single miner has been in astate of shock," said Dr. Jorge Montes, deputy director of the Copiapo Regional Hospital. He said all should be able to leave soon once they go through a battery of medical and psychological exams....