Los miserables

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CRO ((1056046))

I. I, ______________________________, as authorized representative of the company identified below, a manufacturer or supplier (asdefined below) of parts as indicated in the attached continuation pages, declare that the information provided herein was prepared in accordance with the applicable statutory and/or regulatory requirementsand is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief as the manufacturer; or if supplier, is based on the manufacturer's affidavit, which will be made available to Customs uponrequest. Should this information change, you will be notified immediately. This affidavit relates to information required under various customs and trade laws. If applicable, this affidavit also relates toinformation required under the American Automobile Labeling Act (reference U.S., Section 210, the Motor Vehicle Information and Cost Saving Act, the "AALA"). Item pricing information required under theAALA is hereby incorporated by reference to the GM purchase order in lieu of restating said information in this document. All AALA information is certified in accordance with U.S. DOT regulations.II.

Definitions: Manufacturer - A party that, using a systematic process through a division of labor and/or mechanical process, makes the good from materials and/or components. Supplier - A partywho is not the manufacturer, that sells, supplies or ships the good to consignee.


Instructions are available upon request.


_________________________________ DUNS Number__________________________________ Corporation or Firm __________________________________ Street Address __________________________________ City & State or Province __________________________________Name of Officer - Title __________________________________ Signature __________________________________ Date Completed __________________________________ Telephone __________________________________...
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