Los pasos de lopez

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- Every student must show respect to himself, his (her) classmates, and teacher, otherwise the student shall leave the room with an absence.
- The teacher must be respectful tohimself and the rest of the students.

- The class will have a 50 minutes duration in "L" and 1 hour and 20 minutes in "M".
- Roll will be called every day.- Nobody is allowed to come into class 5 minutes after it has started.
- Nobody is allowed to come in and out of class during the session.
- The student shall bring all the necessarymaterial to class; otherwise, he shall have to leave the room with an absence.
- The teacher must be on time to class.

- No food or beverage is allowed intoclass.
- Students that are surprised eating in class, hurting the equipment in any way, or playing with software not allowed shall have to come and work on Saturdays.

Theteacher shall establish a schedule for this during the first week of classes.
Such schedule must be followed.
A student may attend counselling with ANY teacher in the department.
Counsellingis NOT to repeat class for a student that failed to attend.
There will be NO counselling within the partial and final week of exams.

1. Copy of activities or homework:
If wedetect a copy in any section of any homework, it will be considered an ACADEMIC DISHONESTY (DA) and such will be notified to the Program Director and filed within the class register.
If you copy afinal project a final DA will also be acquired.
2. Copy of activities, practices or projects:
The student that copies in this respect shall be sanctioned with a zero grade and willfurthermore receive another sanction on behalf of the teacher.

MATERIAL required for the course:
- USB memory with the following information:

ID Number
Subject name
Group No....
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