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36.1 Human Use Of Resources.

1. What 5 resources are maximally utilized by humans?
* Land, water, food, energy and minerals.

2. What makes living along the beach, in semiarid lands,or in forests a bad choice for humans?
* It leads to beach erosion and loss of habitat for marine organisms, desertification.

3. In semiarid areas, how are people acquiring enough freshwater for their needs? What methods are possible to converse fresh water?
* Dams, aquifers, polyculture, contour farming, Biological Pest Control, by rivers--> method by plating salt-waterplants.

4. What farming methods are in use today, and what are the possible environmental consequences?
* Polyculture, contour farming and Biological Pest Control, they benefit the crops.5. How does modern society met its energy needs and what types of pollution results? How might humans meet their energy need in the future?
* Fossil fuels, hydropower, geothermal, greenhouseeffects, nuclear power.

6. How does mining of minerals result in pollution? How does the production and use of modern result in much waste?
* The land devoid of vegetation is destroyedcompletely and rain-washes toxic waste deposits into nearby streams and rivers.

36.2 Impact on Biodiversity

1. What factors cause extinctions?
* Habitat loss, pollution,overexploitation, disease.

2. Why might global warming affects biodiversity?
* Global warming is expected to have many detrimental effects, such as the destruction of coastal wetlands due to rise insealweals, a shift in suitable temperatures to locations where various species cannot live, and the death of coral reefs.

3. What are some examples that a positive feedback cycle promotes overexploitation?* The smaller the population, the more commercially valuable its members, and the greater the incentive to capture the few remaining organisms.

4. How do today's fishing practices destroy...
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