Los penes azules

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  • Publicado : 16 de febrero de 2011
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Leaving my school
All the school year passes through my eyes. Each bimester I lose three subjects, but anyway I don’t care, because at the end of each year I make up all the failed subjects.But this year was different. I was so stupid, that I finished losing the year (the make up doesn’t work this time, and all teachers were against me). Anyway, I try to talk with the FatherFrancis, but he don’t give me any chance to repeat a year at the school because they warned me all year but I don’t care. Finally he told me that I was expelled from the school because of academicfailure. I was so sad, because I was a stupid; all the year my teachers were warning me to care about my grades and I never put attention to them. And it results that I was expelled from myschool because of academic failure.
My fathers were so sad and angry with me that they make me feel even sadder than I was. They said me to look for another school. So I tell them to send me tothe school of my neighbor called “Chewbacca”. He was very big and hairy, but he doesn’t know how to talk. And he has a brother called “Chuck Norris”. He is better than God in all aspects, forexample God walk on the water and Chuck Norris walk over God. They both study at a school “Culi Togrande School” at the city of “Ricava Gina city”. The only problem is that anyone couldn’tunderstand Chewbacca.
The next year I start with my studies at Culi Togrande School at 10th grade. The first day of school I started to know many people. But they were so strange, with strange namesand strange appearance. Chuck Norris was like the only one that was normal, even that he was more powerful than God and he is able to do anything in the world. Anyway the people are very kindand happy. I thought that I am going to have a very good relationship with my friends, as when I change to San Carlos School. Also try to have a very good relationship with my nearest friends.
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