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The pick and roll is surely one of the more offensive plays used in basketball drills today.
The technique consists basically go out and ask for a pass with his hand up.
trying tofollow our brand, and just when we away most of his defensive position is time to turn (change of pace) and print as fast as possible in search of a pass behind the defense .
Here we look for a oneon one game or clean penetration, etc... If we have an attack position the idea is to have one or two pivots in the interior. The interior gives way to block out the player carrying the ball, whichhas the ability to enter or return to a classmate who was freed thanks to the aid of marks surrounding his entry into the opposing team.


The give-and-go, often called pass-and-cut, isa basic offensive play in which a player simply passes (gives) to a teammate and cuts (goes) to the basket, attempting to break free of his defender and expecting a return pass from his teammate. Ifthe defender moves with the first pass, or turns his head, the ensuing cut should be quick and straight; however, a fake, feint, change of direction, or change of pace may be necessary in order todraw a reaction from the defender. When they see the give-and-go maneuver initiated, other offensive players must decoy their defenders from the basket area and passing lane. If free to receive a pass,the cutter should raise his hand nearest the basket as a passing signal and target. The pass can be a straight pass, a bounce pass, or a lob pass as the situation warrants.
-could start at 1 on1 situations without ball, one player would try to move to rival on one side, as if he were unmarking.

-Player 1 passes the ball to Player 2. Player 1 runs to a marked line, receives the pass fromplayer 2 and strip basket
Deron williams

Williams began his career in basketball in 2002, joining the team at the University of Illinois. In his first year he started 30 of 32 games, finishing...
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