Los prodigios de los deportes

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  • Publicado : 22 de abril de 2010
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The Prodigies In the Sports.

In all sports prodigies have existed, such is the case as the Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player in the history of thissport, this sport is the highest known Chinese player Yao Ming that measures 2.03 meters in high, a very impressive thing to be Chinese.
In the sport of soccer is the moreaccomplished golfer as the Argentine Maradona had a tremendous ability with the ball and his goal best known is the "Hand of God" because he got the ball with his handand Argentina won an important game.
In the women's weightlifting, Mexico's Soraya Jimenez was recognized as the strongest woman in the world and receiving the gold medalin the Olympics.
In tennis the greatest player in the history of this sport is because Roger Federer, the tennis player Mallorcan Nadal began his round of thanks at theawards ceremony with a dedication to his rival in the final. "Good afternoon, I would like to congratulate Roger, is the rival with the most incredible I've faced in mylife.
In the most brilliant chess player and praised by many great teachers and even the world champions Aleojin better known as Alexander Alekhine and reigning worldchampion Garry Kasparov was the prodigy Robert James Fischer, better known as Bobby Fischer and this is known as uncrowned champion because in the year 1972 during thenational championship tournament in Madrid won the Russian Boris Sparski but no name was given official world champion by the cold war between America and Russia, another offactors for what is considered the best chess player in history is that he became the Grandmaster title at age 16, making it the youngest person in the world to this title.
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