Los simpsons

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I’m going to talk about THE SIMPSONS.
The Simpsons is an American comedy series.
This animation series was created by Matt Groening for the Fox TV channel.
The firstissue was in1989 in the American channel Fox.
This series shows the Simpson family living in his day day. In each chapter you can see the different stories of each members of the family and friends.MATT GROENING
Matt Groening was born 1954 in Oregon. He is a cartoonist, television producer and an American writer. Is also the creator of Futurama.
The series is a satire of Americansociety that tells the story of a middle class family live in a fictional town called Springfield.
At this time the series has 464 episodes with 21 seasons. In 2007 its film was premiered and it wasvery successful among the young and adult public.
Fox issued the special chapters dates such as Christmas, Halloween…
At first the show was for people more adult because his vocabulary wasn’tsuitable for children. Nowadays the series is suitable for everyone.
The five most important members of the family are: Homer (father), Marge (mother), Bart (eldest son), Lisa (medium daughter)and Maggie (small daughter).
Another important member of the family is the grandfather, the father of Homer.
His real name is Abraham J.Simpson.
The family have a dog and a cat.
Homer representthe lazy and stupid father who works at a nuclear central. Marge works at home and always supports Lisa. Bart is a bad student and always do pranks. Lisa is very intelligent and responsible and Maggieis the baby.
Other important characters of the series are: Flanders (his neighbor), Milhouse ( the best friend of Bart), Apu (the owner of the local supermarket), Carl Lenny (friends of homer), Moe(the owner of the local tabern), Burns ( the chief of Homer), Skinner (the director of school) and more…
Something typical of the Simpsons are the videos that go at the beginning of...
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