Los tambos

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The property and taxes
For the American conservatism it’s important to say that nobody could be saved from taxes and death. Unfortunately, many Bolivians are able to.
We can’t say the same of theTambo sellers, maybe the don’t emit tiresome bills to the tyrannical “Impuesto al Valor Agregado” but the should pay for staying sit in their places. In addition to discharge the rent for occupying aplace into the Tambo because, they’re are not municipal’s property.
“It wasn’t in that way” told us Cristina Rojas, Tambo Santiago seller for 22 years.

“Before we were able to make “tambiaje” whichmeans that we should pay for each “chipa” (quantity) that had been bought. Nowdays We should pay a rent for the place that we occupy this had been happening for the last 6 years.”

But we couldntfind uniformity in the owner’s character. There are some that belongs to cooperatives, sharehoders or only in a private way.
For example, Ramoncito had told us taht until 1993, 40 coperativeswerw theowners of Tambo Copacabana. In that year the had bought their participation to 3 cholitas that:

They had told, the had paid 600 thousand dollars. Most of them from the excooperative and they hadgone to sell no another place.

On his own, Cristina Rojas adds:

In this Tambo- “Santiago””- exists 500 sharehoders, we are just tenants.

Cristina tells us:

Everything had been changed sincthe “tambiaje”. When there was only managers, they hadn’t pay anything to the owners. That’s why today they had been gotten in a cooperative, for reaching a payment for every owner.


Antonio Paredes Candia had done a recount of the Tambos that had been located in La Paz:

In this century and nowadays They exist some houses with the same name “Tambos”, they rent rooms tosome merchants.
They’re specifically places where we can find food and fruits. We had gotten some information about some that still been opened today since 20 years ago. Tambo Santa Rosa (Sagárnaga...
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