Los tiempos dificiles hacen a la gente fuerte

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  • Publicado : 29 de abril de 2010
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Freddy Perez
Cause and Effect
English 1101
07 February 2010
Hard Times Make Hard People
Life can be very tough, especially for a young adult trying to fit into the world known asreality. While going through this transition, the loss of a mother can idle this transition or even skip it to where the transition never occurs. In my case, I feel that the loss of such a remarkable womanhas transformed and shaped my life forever and has opened the doors for the Lord to guide me through this transition.
Being the youngest of three children made the relationship my mother I sharedvery special. My two sisters, being a lot older than me, were never home while I was growing up which left mom and I at home alone most of the time. My mother was the only person home while everyoneworked which greatly strengthened our bond. From going to basketball games to making our favorite recipes, we did a little bit of everything together. We sharing such a close relationship made her careabout me even more. She raised me with very high moral values and stressed a lot of importance on building good character. I feel my mother has greatly influenced the person I am today.
Althoughmy mother was a great woman, she had a disease that was beyond hers or anyone’s control. My mother suffered from asthma for most of her life, which became something she accepted and had to live with.She was in and out of visiting specialist and hospitals but nothing seemed to weather the storm her asthma had sprung. Until one day, her asthma got control and caused her to be in and out of thehospital for three days and eventually have an asthma attack. That I could recall she had never had an asthma attack before. This asthma attack put her in the intensive care unit for two weeks andeventually took her life away.
About three weeks prior to my mom’s death, I remember my interest in the Lord had increased drastically. I felt as if God was revealing himself to me in preparation for...
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