Los tornados

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  • Publicado : 26 de agosto de 2012
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TORNADOES for many people is just another word but for other people is one of the worst experiences they have lived, for the government often represents a large economic loss and a terrible social disaster.

The places and families who suffer the fury of winds greater than 100 km / h that made hardly recover from the disaster as it passes and raze the property and theeconomic security of society, leaving fear, destruction and even lost of life

Kansas and I Nebraska States are the most affected by this phenomenon because of its structure and geographical location. But other countries like Mexico in very rare cases have suffered from the presence of tornadoes, this invites us to ask, which factors promote the formation of tornadoes? What must it be done to minimizethe cost-reducing and social damage that these phenomena generate? Answers that can make a difference when we are in front of a tornadoes


Tornadoes throughout history have affected society in U.S.A economic, social phenomena because these winds reach higher than 100km/hrs. ending in a short time with houses, cars, crops, with all that means wealth for thesepeople have even killed some.

Destroys social elements to be recovered tak a long time at last the importance of analyzing that and generate tornadoes, which can be done  these natural phenomena and to minimize the damage they generate mainly in the states of Kansas, Illinois.

It will also analyze natural and physical conditions that facilitate the generation of these natural phenomena and the reasons forwhich are rare in the Mexican territory.

This research is aimed at information gathering to enable the reader inform about tornadoes and the generation of possible solution or preventive measures to reduce damage caused by tornadoes.


To know and inform to people about the possible preventive actions that will help to protect yourself from tornado and create scientific interest forthe development of new technologic more efficiently that make his detection easy and decrease the damages

Object 1
Identifying measures and necessary actions In order to protect oneself of existence a tornado

Object 2
Knowing about the formation of tornados

Object 3
Knowing the technology that enables to predicting and anticipating the presence of tornadoes

Object 4
Informingabout the big disasters generated by tornadoes


The tornadoes arise as a result of the crash of two air masses a hot and cold


people can minimize damage from tornadoes generated through actions of prevention and building stronger structures.

The tornadoes are more common in United States due to its geographical location

The word tornado is an altered formof the Spanish word “tronada”, which means "thunderstorm". This in turn was taken from the Latin tonare, meaning "to thunder". It most likely reached its present form through a combination of the Spanish tronada and tornar ("to turn"); however, this may be a folk etymology. A tornado is also commonly referred to as a "twister", and is also sometimes referred to by the old-fashioned colloquialterm cyclone. (Grazulis, s/f)
Then we can say that the word tornado emerged from the combination of "Spanish and Latin" and that in turn can have many meanings but always refer to the same phenomenon.

Tornado is where warm moist air from the Golf o Mexico meets cold air from Canada. A layer of cold dry air from the Rocky Mountains keep the warm air below and the cold air above. When the groundbecomes very hot the hot air punches up through the cold air and creates huge thunder clouds.
These clouds are so violent that they can reach 16 km. into the air. They will break apart an aircraft unlucky enough to fly into them. Slowly the thunderclouds star to rotate. In some of them a Colum of air in the center of the storm spins so fast that a tornado is created.
The destruction caused by...
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