Los tres cerditos

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Along with his parents, three little pigs had grown happily in a forest cottage. And how were grown, her parents decided it was time to do, each, his own home. The three piglets were fired from theirparents, and went to see what the world was.

The first little pig, sloth family, decided to make a straw house. In a minute the cabin was made. And then he went to sleep.

The second pig, aglutton, he chose to make a wooden hut. It was not long built. And then she began to eat apples.

The third pig, a hard worker, decided to build a house of bricks and cement. Take longer to build butwould feel more protected. After a busy day, the house was beautiful. But already beginning to hear the howls of the wolf in the forest.

It did not take long before the wolf came to the houses of theThree Little Pigs. Hungry, the wolf went to the first house and said:
- Open the door! Open the door or I'll blow your house and shoot!.
How the pig did not open, the wolf blew hard, and broughtdown the house of straw. The pig, trembling with fear, she ran and went into the wooden house of his brother.

The wolf followed him. And before the second house, knocked on the door and said:
- Openthe door! Open the door or I'll blow your house and shoot!
But the second little pig did not open and the wolf blew and blew, and the cabin was in the air. Frightened, the two pigs ran and enteredthe brick house of his brother.

But as the wolf was determined to eat them, knocked on the door and shouted:
- Open the door! Open the door or I'll blow your house and shoot!
And the pig workersaid:
- Blow you want, but not open!

So the wolf blew and blew. He blew with all his might, but the house did not budge. The house was very strong and resilient. The wolf was almost no air.
Butwhile the wolf was very tired, did not desist.
He brought a ladder, climbed onto the roof of the house and slid down the chimney passage. He was determined to enter the house and eat the three little...
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