Louder than words

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Executive Summary
Joe Navarro served on the FBI for twenty-five years.  He was recruited by the age of 23, making him one of the youngest recruits ever.  In the book Louder than Words Joe Navarro helps the reader to better understand what others are thinking, feeling or intending by reading and interpreting the nonverbal cues portrayed by every person.Navarro explains the nonverbal signals, how they influence people, and how a person can use them to influence situations.  
One key factor is mirroring. Mirroring can occur in ways such as purposely sitting the same way, situating the same arms in the same manner, and mimicking the individuals’ moves and vocabulary. Mirroring portrays to the individual common interest or behaviors. For instance, whenmirroring one’s vocabulary, if the individual says,” my children” do not say, “your kids” rather say, “your children.” Mirroring the word children displays a common vocabulary. The more in common each feel, the more comfortable each will be. Once the comfort level is established, business is easier to perform
 Throughout the years our brain is trained to react to instances in particular ways. Ifthe individual tries to hide the feelings, the brain will show some sort of indication towards feelings of comfort or discomfort by utilizing the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system. In situations of comfort, one’s body movements, heart rate, and breathing are relaxed, allowing them to be open to the situation. In situations of discomfort or nervousness, Navarro describes it as freeze,flight, or fight. One’s breathing and heart rate are increased, and the body tenses up, with the individual closed to the situation. These feelings are better portrayed through one’s body language.
An individual’s body language speaks Louder than Words. When an individual is relaxed, their body language is open, arms are not folded, they are not fidgeting with anything, full attention is set onthe necessary individual. When an individual is relaxed, they are more open to new ideas and thoughts and are more willing to listen than when they are tense such as in situations of discomfort. When an individual is tense, their arms are folded, their jaw may clinch, they will not look directly at the individual.  In these situations, people are less likely to listen to any new ideas, because theyare “closed” to the situation.
The Top Things Managers Need to Know from Louder than Words
1.            “We humans are born with big busy brains that love to learn.  Sporting a stunning lack of physical defenses we have had to depend for our survival on our mental agility: our ability to size up situations, take decisive action based on our impressions, learn from everything that happens, andremember what we’ve learned, we will walk around with radars always switched on.  The world is constantly “speaking” to us through our senses, sending a continuous stream of impression, and we are constantly assessing what those impressions mean.” Navarro 5-6.  The readers can use this book to assist themselves when analyzing business situations. This book may also help readers have a bettersuccess rate in situations dealing with customers, by understanding the customer’s nonverbal communication. 
 2.             Joe Navarro, an excellent FBI criminal profiler has studied human behaviors for years. After studying behaviors, Joe had to figure a way to make this information easy to teach, so he created a general idea. “Very simply, it works like this: When you observe a behavior, askyourself, “does it represent comfort or discomfort?” This question is easy to comprehend. “ Navarro 21. 
3.            A helpful way to help make a situation more comfortable for a client is to mirror their actions.   One specific way is to mirror their speech by using the same words they use.  Like, if they say kids, don’t say children.  
4.            Behaviors that show dominance towards someone...
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