Love and sexuality

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Love and Sexuality
While reading the book “Love and Responsibility” by Karol Wojtyla and listening some of the Christopher West’s talks, “Naked Without Shame,” as well meditating on other material about Chastity, Celibacy, and love; such as the Holy Bible, Benedict XVI’s encyclical letter “Deus caritas est,” the Catechism of the Catholic Church, between others, I have been thinking about themeaning of love and sex our society has given them. I have found very interesting that television advertisements, movie themes, and average young men and women thought present love as the mere result of physical/genital intercourse two individuals have, and sex as the capability an individual has to have a physical/genital intercourse. Thus I have decided to reflect in such words; sex and love.We humans, as sexual beings, experiment certain lack within our own being. The idea of being part of something else rewards or satisfices, somehow, a deep ontological search of totality, unity, and undivided existence we all have. It is as Saint Augustine said: “Thou hast created us for Thyself, and our heart is not quiet until it rests in Thee.” There is something our humanity lack of and we arecalled to find what it is. Then, our whole being: soul and body, stars seeking where to find that desired thing. On this context, as our human appetite commands us the search for a good in order to fulfill our whole being, we call up for sex and love.
When Christopher Wests says that “men and women need signs and symbols to communicate with others [and they as well] express and perceivespiritual realities through symbols,” it makes sense that our soul is perceived through our body and the other way around. This is called desire of love, and as Pope John Paul II states on his book “Love and Responsibility,” desire is an essential part of love and it reflects that we humans are in fact not self-sufficient being and need other being. Thus, it is relevant that the wrong thinking of bodyequals bad, and soul equals good, has to be cut off, as Christopher West says in his introductory talk. The human body is part of the human entity and through it the human essence can be perceived, loved, and integrated. Attraction between man and woman plays a very important role generating love. And once again, it is attraction from soul-body to soul-body, not from body to body. Only when bothnatures are truly united, man attains his full stature. The goodness and the beauty are recognized in the other person, and through the eyes of purity the beauty of the person is conceived, Christopher West comments.
Since that word “sex” adequately means to cut apart, cut off or split, the reality of being sexed beings integrates our sexuality in the attempt to find a relationship with others. “Infact it is for sex that the human person receives the characteristics which, on the biological and spiritual levels, make that person a man or a woman, and thereby largely condition his or her progress toward maturity an insertion into society” (Odile M. Liebard. Love & Sexuality, official catholic teaching. p.429). The book of Genesis 2:18 shares this point of view and recalls that “it [was] notgood for a man to be along. I shall make him a helper as an opposite to him.” By being sexed both man and woman need to be not along but together, and as a part of their maturity the need to be part of humanity; integrate themselves, a man with a woman and a woman with a man. However, as Mary Perkins and John Julian say on their book “Love and sexuality,” “our sexuality at once makes it evidentthat we are not self-sufficient and impels us to seek fulfillment outside ourselves:” God.
Now, “Love is a mutual relationship between two persons,” (Karol Wojtyla. Love and Responsibility. p. 73) and humans are able to love because God has loved us first. Our desires of good, our goodwill toward something have been planted by God in the deepest of our being. This mutual relationship has its...
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