Love is the reason-prologue

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It was a fine, warm summer's day; the apple trees moved lazily with the wind, the sky was a clear and thrilling blue- but suddenly, a scream shattered the peace and quiet, and that screamcame from a little girl who had been riding her toy broomstick, but it lay forgotten in the ground.
She was holding a letter in her hand, and her pretty face was flushed with excitement, and herviolet eyes were exploding with curiosity- her dark-brown wavy hair floating softly in the wind.
A woman came out of the beautiful gray house; she was holding her wand at the ready, looking for thecause of the screaming, but when she spotted the girl holding the letter, her face softened and she strode to the little girl.
"Virgil! You nearly gave me a heart failure! But I see that your Hogwartsletter has arrived at last." The woman said.
"Yes mum, look!" The girl showed the letter to her mother; it read:
Ms. V. Loebel,
The room beside the flower patch,
Private Lands,

"Oh wowVirgil, how wonderful! Now we can go to Diagon Alley to buy your things!" Her mother said.
"Oh mum," Virgil said as she hugged her mother. She didn't let go, until a loud crack made her jump."Dad," she shouted when she realized that her father had just Apparated from work.
"Virgil, hey, how are you swe- Oh! You got your Hogwarts letter! Great! We can go tomorrow to buy your things! But thething is," he added more seriously, "that your mother and I need to, ah, talk in private right now." He looked at his wife nervously and she understood it was something serious.
"Honey, why don't yougo up to your room for a while? Then I can talk to your father and later we can have diner and talk about Hogwarts? How does that sound?" Her mother asked.
"Sure," Virgil said, no longer in her high,excited voice.

Virgil went upstairs to her room, and closed the door until she heard the closing of the living room door. She opened her bedroom door very quietly, and walked to the stairs to...
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