Love thy neighbor

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“Love thy neighbor”
In the New World, the attitude toward the native civilizations was unjust. The Europeans felt superior to the native people they encountered in the Americas. Right from thebeginning, the relationship between the Europeans and the Natives was based on mistrust.
The Europeans had every reason to feel confident. European civilizations were tenured, sophisticated, and moreimportantly, had a history, a history that was given to them by endured centuries of foreign rule. At the time when Columbus first set foot in the New World, Europe was in the midst of a power strugglebetween Spain and England, Catholics versus Protestants.
England and Spain used different methods in the New World. These countries were in a religious war back in Europe. While English settlerswere looking for a place they can call their own, Spain was looking to for riches. The Inhabitants of the New World were caught in the middle of a fight they had nothing to do with.
The Natives werenever a threat. The white bearded men that magically appeared in this Continent were believed to be Gods in Mexico and South America. Moctezuma, the Aztec Emperor, believed that a prophecy was comingtrue, the return of Quetzalcoalt; the creator of all life.
Moctezuma, in strong belief of this prophecy, abandoned his throne, dismissed his armies and unknowingly sealed the Aztec Empire’s fate. Thewhite bearded men, blond and blue eyed, who arrived in floating houses, and rode four legged beasts had arrived.
Moctezuma did not know anything about Hernan Cortez, the Spanish Conqueror. However,Hernan Cortez, knew everything about Moctezuma. On his way to Tenochtitlan, the Aztec city, Cortez and his army fought with local tribes. The tribes were no match for men armed with lightning. One ofthe tribes, presented Cortez with gifts of gold and twenty slave girls, Cortez chose one, her name was Malitzin. She became the conqueror’s woman.
Unfortunately for the Aztecs, Malitzin, or “La...
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