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  • Publicado : 23 de noviembre de 2010
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There are many different places that you can go, but for me, a good place to go has to be somewhere that amuses my demands and an atmosphere that makes me feel comfortable. Consideringhow extensive the university is and all the different environments that we have in it, it is not easy to decide where to go. In addition, there are some areas that I find appealingsuch us the lagoon, the Piramide, and others. Even though all the places that we have, my favorite is the cafeteria, I love to spend my free time in there, because my friends and I can gothere to talk, I can eat good food, and sometimes I can finish my homework there.
My friends and I enjoy meeting at the cafeteria because it makes us feel good and more important itmakes us feel comfortable. When we are together in there we talk about our weekends, and about things that have happened to one of us while we were apart, sometimes we gossip aboutthings that happen to people that we know. And as we all know when you are having fun, the time goes by faster than ever, that is what happens when we are all together in there, and besidesthe place is excellent for us. I like to be there because it is free, you can sit where ever you want, you can listen to music, and just have a good time with the people that you likeand want to be with.
While I talk to my friends, I usually get hungry, and I love the food that the cafeteria provides. I get delight with the variety of food that I am able to chooseand eat. For example in the morning what I like the most from there are the cookies with a hot coffee, it makes a really good breakfast. When I have to stay at the university until lateI can go there and have a sandwich or hamburger. The food in the cafeteria is good because it has been made with fresh products, so the people that consume it will not have problems
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