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  • Publicado : 22 de enero de 2012
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A love letter to Love

Dear Love, I thought I knew you, but now I know I don’t, you surprise me every day more. You surprise me when you make me feel full, like nothing is missing, likeeverything is perfect, unfortunately that feeling can’t last long enough. You surprise me when you make me feel empty, like nothing is right, like my life and all that I’ve done and all that I’ll dowas, is and will be wrong, that I’m just repeating the same mistakes all over again.
But what would you be without surprises? Without you life would be nothing else than tragedy, but you can make lifewhatever you want, because you are always there, in every heart, in every one, in every eye, in every step, in every wish and in every regret. Is there anything you can do? You can make me smile, youcan make me cry, you can even make me want to die.
Oh Love what is it about you that makes me smile? But even worst what is it about you that makes me cry or even wanna die? Aren’t you supposed tomake me happy? I really love you Love, and I know it sounds foolish but I truly like you, even if you don’t, even if you hate me so much that you’ve got to make my life miserable and go somewhere elsethat’s more than a thousand miles far away from me, I will not be selfish, I will let you make others gleeful just like you made me.
I just hope that letting you go doesn’t mean for you to nevercome back around, losing you forever is my greatest fear, if that happens then I’ll have to disappear. Living without you? No way, I couldn’t, if you’re not with me I would be pleased by the fact thatyou are making other people cheerful. I’ll smile when I see you on TV, I’ll smile when I see you in a kiss, I’ll smile when I see you with my friends and I’ll smile when you’ll be by my side, if youever come back, however I’ll cry for you, I’ll cry when I miss you, I’ll cry because thanks to you I’m sad and I’ll cry when it’s your fault that I’m hurt.
Right now I just want to talk to you, I...
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