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  • Publicado : 30 de octubre de 2011
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NORTH DAKOTA DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH - DIVISION OF WASTE MANAGEMENT 918 E. Divide Ave., 3rd Fl., Bismarck, ND 58501-1947 Telephone: 701.328.5166 C Fax: 701.328.5200 CWebsite: Updated 4-2009

The Department encourages the recycling of used oil filters whenever possible and practical. Not only does this conserve resources, but it eliminatespollution of our environment from improper disposal. What is a Used Oil Filter? A used oil filter is a filter that has been used to remove debris from the lubricating oil in a machine, normally an engine.It does not include fuel or water filters. Filters come in two main types: screw on canisters or paper inserts. Management for each type is similar, though paper inserts do not have some of thefeatures of screw-on canisters. Management Prior to Disposal or Recycling. Used oil filters are exempt from regulation as hazardous waste under the North Dakota Hazardous Waste Management Rules provided theused oil filters are properly drained before subsequent management. Some used oil filters, those that are manufactured of terneplate (a metal containing lead) commonly fail the toxicity characteristictest for lead. To be considered exempt, the Department requires that used oil filters must be hot-drained for a minimum of 12 hours, at a temperature of 60EF or higher, using one of the followinggravity hotdraining methods: • • • • Puncture the filter’s anti-drain back valve or the filter dome end and hot-drain; Hot-drain and crush (crushers must be equipped with a drip pan or other device tocontain all used oil drained during the crushing process); Dismantle and hot-drain (once dismantled, the paper filter element should be wrung to remove any residual used oil it contains); or Any otherequivalent hot-draining method which removes used oil. Other methods that meet this requirement include centrifuging (spinning) and wringing. The Department has seen facilities that do a combination...
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