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  • Publicado : 2 de diciembre de 2011
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Self-directed learning and Assessment sheet No 5
Workshop-Level 1 : “Your eyes on the World”
Unit 5 : ¿Sometimes?

Name: Eutimio Pazmiño

November, 2011

Adverbs of Frequency

1.Underline the correct adverb of frequency according to the sentence.

1. I don’t like TV.
I always/ often / never watch TV.
2. My brother eats out every night.
He always/ often / sometimesgoes to a restaurant for dinner.
3. My parents rent movies six or seven times a month.
They always / often / hardly ever watch movies.
4. My sister goes to a club about once a year.
Sheusually / sometimes / hardly ever goes to clubs.
5. I don´t know Antonio Valencia.
I never/ sometimes/ always watch soccer games.

2. Write about yourself. Complete the sentences.1. On vacation, I always travel to Esmeraldas.
2. In the morning, I usually eat breakfast around six.
3. Once a year, I go walking to the Quinche church.
4. In the evening, Ialmost never take a shower.
5. Sometimes on Saturdays, I get home early from work.
6. I never read telling stories.
7. In the weekends, I usually play football with my friends .
8. Inclass, I almost always participate on debates .
9. Sometimes on vacation, I get up late .
10. When I´m cold, I always wear a warm coat.

3. Unscramble. Write the expressions on the linesto make sentences and questions.
1. have/ few / my / always / I / a/ dollars/ bag/ in
I always have a few dollars in my bag.
2. much/ noise / there / Is
Is there much noise?
3. candy/ I/ really/ some / would/ to buy/ like
I would really like to buy some candy.
4. building / Are / many/ apartments/ there
Are there many building apartments?
5. one or two/ would/ to get/cards / like/ I / also
I would also like to get one or two cards.
6. is/ How / there / traffic/ much
How much traffic is there?
7. many/ pay/ Are / phones/ there
Are there many pay phones?...
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