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Biplane II by Marc Kirschenbaum (NY)
Complex A 10" square makes a model with a 4" wingspan


1. This will be the color of the body. Precrease along angle bisectors.

2. Valley the corners to the intersections of creases and unfold.

3. Pleat along existing creases.

4. Valley to center.

5. Turn over.

6. Fold sides to center, allowing flaps to swing outwards.

7. Unfoldentirely. 9-10

8. Collapse.

9. Squash the center flap.

10. Valley down as far as possible and unfold. Repeat steps 9-10 behind.

11. Spread open to reveal small flap.

12. Sink triangularly halfway.


13. Close back up. Repeat steps 12-13 on the other side.

14. Petal fold.

15. Valley to intersection of creases.


16. Precrease sides of flap and then open up.Repeat steps 14-16 behind.

17. Valley corners. Turn over.

18. Swing a flap over, front and back.

19. Precrease through all layers.

20. Unfold bottom flap.

21. Squash. Do not flatten completely.

22. Wrap around to make symetrical.

23. Pull out single layer.

24. Valley over.



25. Reverse fold.

26. Swing over flap while incorporating a reverse fold.Repeat steps 23-26 behind.

27. Repeat steps 18-26 in mirror image.

28. Valley up corners.

29. Pull out hidden corners.

30. Pull out hidden points.

31. Crimp sides.

32. Valley down four points.

33. Stretch apart sides.


34. View from step 33. Doublecrimp upwards and flatten.

35. Repeat steps 33-34 on other side.

36. Lightly swing up top section.

36-37 37. Swingback down while collapsing the top single layer outwards. 38. Repeat steps 36-37 behind. 39. Swing down flaps.

40. Swing over a layer, undoing reverse fold. Repeat behind.

41. Wrap around a single layer. Repeat behind.

42. Swing back. Repeat behind.

43. Pull flap out, releasing layers at left. Repeat behind.

44. Asymmetrical squash. Repeat behind.

45. Valley layer through.Repeat behind.

46. Swivel down. Repeat behind.

47. Swivel over. Repeat behind.

48. Bring single layer to surface (closed sink). Repeat behind.

49. Sink triangularly, so as to match up with the folded edge in the middle. Repeat behind.

50. Sink triangularly again. Repeat behind.

51. Wrap around a single layer. Repeat behind.

52. Swing flap over while incorporating a reverse foldalong existing creases.

53. Swing over two layers. Model will not lie flat.

54. Pull out single layer from behind.

55. Swivel under.

56. Swing single layer back.

57. Swivel up.


58. Wrap single layer around (closed sink).

59. Close model back up.

60. Repeat steps 52-59 behind.

61. Swing over flap while pulling up a layer through the pocket. Repeat behind

62.Valley along existing crease. Repeat behind.

63. Swivel down hidden middle layer into pocket. Repeat behind.

64. Bring single layer to surface (closed sink). Repeat behind.

65. Closed sink along existing crease. Repeat behind.

66. Pull point outwards.

67. Bring the bottom points to the top, allowing the corners to spread sink.

68. Swing down.

69. Precrease. Repeat with adjacentflap.

70. Spread apart.

71. View from step 71. Sink single layer through from behind, using the creases from step 69. 68-72

72. The edges of the wing should now be flush. Close the model up.

73. Repeat steps 68-72 behind.

74. Sink triangularly along existing crease. Repeat behind.

75. Closed sink along existing crease. Repeat behind.

76. Outside reverse fold along existingcrease.

77. Detail of tail. Valley along angle bisectors.

78. Unfold.

Point A

Point A

79. Swivel fold. Repeat behind.

80. Crimp upwards, so point A meets colored raw edge.

81. Valley down. Repeat behind.

82. Valley along angle bisector. Repeat behind.

83. Swivel over. Repeat behind.

84. Valley up. Repeat behind.

85. Mountain top flaps into pocket.

86. Mountain...
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