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  • Publicado : 29 de septiembre de 2010
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* Evaluate Sophia´s `past and present marketing strategy. What would she do now? Should she seriously consider joining some franchise chain?

First of all she didn’t do any marketingstrategy and did not any market research. She only tought that a restaurant there in the middle of the street might be functional. She made a mistake because the boom of the franchise at that time wassomething noteworthy and she has the example from the home depot store.
In the present she still have no idea of the marketing that the restaurant needs as she still unable of get the establishment upand save it from bankrupt.
There are two options that she might be considering:
1.- She must give a twist to the restaurant starting with creating a different concept from the pizzas, I am notsaying that Sophia must sell hamburgers or other different food, I mean that she has to redecorate the place saying that her pizzas are low fat, handmade and prepared in wood oven.
2.- Theprobabilities of joining a franchise chain are higher in order to the low sales that the restaurant presents.

* Evaluate Eng Huang present strategy. What should he do?

The non-rooms revenueit is important for all kind of hotels, food is the most profitable business and if you have the motel you will create a very important windfall, talking about you personal economy.
Huang hotel issurrounded of important hotels the first choice I gave him would be:
To hired a good chef, no matter the cost but the hotel could have the attribute of the great chef and will probably be a goodstrategy to attract clients and create the loyalty membership to the potential and regular clients, in that way you can incentive them to come back to the restaurant.
The second one is:
If there is thepossibility that any of the hotels want to buy the Huang motel, Eng should present the project that he doesn’t want to sell he rather prefers to rent in that way Huang would have a fixed income and he...