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  • Publicado : 16 de febrero de 2011
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This paper shows one of the events involving modern society in their cities along with their technology tools,where life is becoming more common in these virtual spaces, digital, automated in various aspects within the human perception, is therefore this development an analysis of "the fusion between humanbeings and technology," the latter has been interfering in our lives so subtly affected us as a society and as individuals in the tasks of various kinds, as this is a confrontation and a meditation on howit has dissolved and continue this line fading technological and human .

The analysis that this project, from concerns about their expectations to the adoption of her research in several areas butespecially in an area of human activity, art and image, where our visual perception and creativity are the most important.

This work includes the collection of drawings, visual art, sculpture,installation and video, referring to the techno-human in several aspects relating to the topic, the development comprises about 8 years or so of production.
Returning from the invention of technologiesthat displace humans, its effect on companies with a lag, artificial insemination, the modification of genetic material in living things, communication technologies, etc., being analytical, andtherefore not against this modern technological
This research is supported by a PhD thesis in visual arts where the essence of this approach is explained by a number of elements the difficult separationof these two elements and fusion increasingly evident as we have made life easier and how little by little have recently been introduced to our bodies physiologically and psychologically.
"Thecomputer is by far the most extraordinary of electronic garments created by man, since it is an extension of our central nervous system."
Marshall McLuhan, War and peace in the global village.