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  • Publicado : 2 de diciembre de 2010
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Product Data
Castrol Spheerol EPL
Castrol Spheerol EPL range of greases are lithium 12-hydroxy base products designed with high quality refined mineral base oils and fortified withextreme pressure (EP) additives as well as corrosion and oxidation inhibitors. These greases have been formulated with a special EP package that provides high film strength under high loads and shockloadings.

Castrol Spheerol EPL greases are available in a range of consistencies to suit most applications, from an NLGI 2 for general purpose bearing lubrication to an NLGI 0 semi-fluidgrease suitable for centralized lubrication systems and grease filled gearboxes. These greases provide good protection against rust and corrosion and resist water wash-out which makes themparticularly suitable for equipment where moist or wet conditions are common.

> Excellent mechanical stability: Grease keeps its consistency in service ensuring long term protection > Goodadhesion: Continuous lubrication and reduced consumption as film stays between lubricated surfaces > Good water resistance: Coating film stays on the surface even in presence of water > Excellent resistanceto copper and steel corrosion: Extended bearing life and performance > Excellent EP and anti-wear properties: Protects equipment against extreme loading and helps minimize bearing components wear andhence extends equipment life

Insert Product Name Castrol Spheerol EPL 05/02/2005 Castrol Spheerol EPL and Castrol are trademarks of Castrol Limited, used under licence. All reasonable care has beentaken to ensure that the information included in this publication is accurate as of the date of printing. However such information may, nevertherless, be affected by changes in the blend formulationoccurring subsequent to the date of printing. Material Safety Data Sheets are available for all Castrol Industrial North America Inc. products. MSDS must be consulted for appropriate information...
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