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Luis: Hello. It is a good day
Michea: Clear good day to play
Luis: I come with a friend
Michea: There is no problem
Jhony: I am new in this and....Luis: It wants to gain a lot of money
Michea: Then your have come to the correct place. Sit down
Jhony: These insurance that was not spending anything badhere?
Luis: Insurance, it is very calm
Carlos: I came
Michea: Hello charly, did you come with the money?
Carlos: If jack, is the business of our livesJhony: Can we begin the game?
Michea: Calm. Charly join them
Carlos: If you say your it
Luis: What have you?
Luis: Capture
Jhony: I bet everythingCarlos: I also
Luis: I do not go
Michea: Wise decision
Pancho: Stop this game
Pancho: I have just come and realize that there is nothing of money in thestrong box
Michea: He is a slightly frightening chief
Jhony: We only want our money and go away
Luis: Do not speak or it was killing us
Carlos: If, do caseto him
Pancho: Already be kept silent, I am not of humor
Michea: Chief I believe that it is better than abate
Pancho: Do not say to me that to do, I amthe one that gives the orders
Jhony: I go away of here
Pancho: You do not move of here
Carlos: Calm can this game stop finish us?
Pancho: Not, insolentMichea: Chief was not wrong and the this money in another site
Jhony: Give us the money that we gain
Luis: We do not have anything to see in this
Pancho:That money? If you do not have anything, thieving rates
Luis: We go away
Pancho: I cannot leave them go
Pancho: This one quite made. It is a good day
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