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  • Publicado : 7 de marzo de 2012
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Bethania Padron
Bravo, Edgar
International Relations
9 February 2012
Feminist theory has experienced significant growth in the
International Relations since the end of WWI. Bothwomen and all those
raises issues that feminism and, in particular gender, have been incorporated
through the efforts of female research. Undoubtedly, the presence of authors
feminist internationalrelations has contributed to a general awareness
to women's issues.
The exclusion of women from the realist conception of the statesman
also relegates the struggle for power, reinforcing theidea that political activity is
dominated by men. Clearly this exclusion has made the woman not been able to historically develop their skills in the international theme, however many theories showthat women are much more flexible and less arbitrary: specifically the post-modern feminist theory. These two features probably make the need to support women in the international arena ; and maybe thisis the real help that we would need to avoid wars and conflicts around the world. An example of women's exclusion in 1994 we only had 10 heads of state in the world. The proportion of women inparliament is currently around 10%. Of the 187 permanent representations to the UN, under 10 are headed by women (UN Commission on the Legal Status of Women, 1995).

Feminism is part of the legacyof the Enlightenment. The delay in incorporating research andfeminist analysis of international relations has had to do with the contraction of the discipline to study the relations between states(analysis of power, conflict and security). This is because the discipline has been built in overwhelmingly male. It also has to do with the difficulty of accommodating the perception that internationalpolitics is not for women.
Surely the peace treaties and alliances between countries would be very different, more humanized and more protective. The woman and her maternal instinct is a unique...
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