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Name: Jessica Hernández
Lupus is a chronic systemic rheumatic disease, ie in addition to affecting the joints and muscles, skin and can damage almost every organ. Its base isautoimmune since it occurs by the formation of antibodies. The evolution of the disease develops in stages of an outbreak and others in which the effects of the disease subside. There are also verysevere lupus and some not so serious as those that present with skin conditions. This disease mainly affects women and in a time of life when one is fertile (20 to 40 years). Also have been reportedcases in children and the elderly.
The cause is unknown. However, it is an autoimmune disease there are several factors that can influence the immune system and cause lupus. Severalhypotheses have been considered, including genetics and the environment. Exposure to sunlight may also be a liberating factor for the disease. In fact, many individuals with lupus have photosensitivity toultraviolet rays. Also, hormones, particularly estrogen female, may be the cause of the disease. In fact, it was found that contraceptive pills can accelerate its emergence in women geneticallypredisposed.
Lupus Symptoms
It is also common hair loss when the disease is active. On the other hand, lupus patients are hypersensitive to ultraviolet rays. If exposed without protection can reactivatethe disease.

When it affects the heart and lungs: The layers of the lining of the heart (pericardium) and lungs (pleura) is inflamed due to illness.
This causes pericarditis and pleuritis. Bothhave similar symptoms: chest pain and fever. In other cases, lupus affects the lungs or the heart valves causing heart failure.
When it affects the brain: Lupus can affect the nervous system.Although in general is small, is a problem that must be monitored. It manifests with headaches, depression or hyperactivity situations. Manifestations are very common in the general population may be...
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