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Orchestrate is a way to find resources you need, offering to anyone who has those resources something that they need that you have. For example: LV need customers with money and the ability andwillingness to spend ... those customers in cities like Milan are many, but most of them are tourists who come to Milan in search of luxury goods ... And another hand, you have 5 star hotels which hostpeople with money and at the same time are potential customers of LV because they have money. So orchestrating is: The hotel sends customers to change LV and LV gives guests discounts on their productsor other promotions….. If you want to do more extensive, you can put a travel agency to redirect customers to the hotel and send them to LV ... there are many things you can do with the idea ....
Itmay be associated with a car brand Mercedes, Ferrari ... etc. upholstery LV-style seats or something like that ...

Louis Vuitton was born in 1821 in Anchay, a region close to the Jura Mountains inFrance.

At age 14, Louis Vuitton went to Paris on foot, and in 1837, two years later became the City of Light, where she found work as an apprentice to a maker of drawers.

Thereafter, thehistory of travel would always be linked to the legendary French. Sensing the trips would take place in our society, Louis Vuitton in Paris founded this company that bears his name, exclusively dedicatedto the manufacture of bags and accessories related to this new lifestyle.

His visionary approach to design parts and luggage items had no rival during his days.
Louis Vuitton company, made itsdebut with a prestigious list of orders.
The great skill of its creator's work earned him a contract with the wife of Napoleon III, Empress Eugenie.

With great ingenuity, was able to anticipatethe needs of customers to date with the progress of his time, taking advantage of new means of transportation (car, boat and plane).

Her first bag was flat (in a way that allowed it to be...
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