Lyrics of songs

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  • Publicado : 22 de noviembre de 2011
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It is a well-known fact that the lyrics of songs sometimes are based on longing, ridiculous or even anger. Who has not listened to songs with absurd lyrics over time?.
As we can see, along time ago before the Internet existed, there were millions and millions of songs that many people considered special; the reasons could be the lyrics of a song, maybe someone dedicated a song toanother person or just a song made people bring back a good or bad moment.
The first thing that we should note is that every song has a message, something to transmit and obviously through the lyricswe can get the meaning and sometimes we can feel identified by a song.
But, what about all those songs that do not make any senses? It has to deal with all those songswhich are pathetic in the lyrics such as “Macarrón”; Do you remember this song?, How many times you have listened to this song?, How many times have you danced this song?, or How many times have you beensinging this song on the bus?, maybe many times you did it, and not exactly because you wanted, this is because society accepted it and also you did it.
Furthermore, we have to note the influences ofthe lyrics of songs, like deformation of the words in Reggaetton songs, for instance: “Quitate tú pa ponelme yo”. As we can see the Spanish words that are underlined, it is not the correct way topronounce it, or the Benjamins songs with this phrase: “Voy a tocalte toa, esta noche tu vas a sel mi señora”. One more time these words are written in an incorrect way, because in the Dictionary of theSpanish Language of the Royal Spanish Academy said that it must be pronounced like: “Voy a tocarte toda, esta noche tú vas a ser mi señora”.
Nowadays, there are millions and millions of songs withdeformed words which are not good to be learned by children because this kind of words can confuse them in their language. Also Reggaeton songs deformed the values of the human being because the...
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