Machiavello y la democracia

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The ideas of the renaissance express a culture's own sense of itself and its position in history; they often have little to do with the real historical experience of the period they pretend toexplain. It's important to realize that this idea of the Renaissance was formulated to stress the uniqueness of modern European culture, as something new on the face of human culture. In this period of timeThe Humanists would be the first to show knowledge of the classical tradition for being smart, intelligent students of traditional literature. In Machiavelli's thoughts the Renaissance is reflectedin its most original form, free and open with a new vision to see things, a little rebellious but original just like all things in the renaissance were; very new for that era (time).

Machiavellirecognized the importance of the people, but only because of the opportunities given to the Prince to be able to stay in power; the people are not more than a source of power. People at the same timeare the more secure and safest source of power because of the characteristics that the people has. People is a large sector, but it is also easier to dominate because of the simple and concrete goal;they just do not want be oppressed. Machiavelli distinguishes between two possibilities to reach the power by the support of the nobles and the support of the people. He also recommends getting thesupport of the people to get the power (crown) because of the characteristics of that time (era). At the end the people is seen as a malleable figure, which ensures the maintenance of the power providedby them. Machiavelli thinks that The implementation of democracy (State policies) that provide a relative collective happiness allows the person that holds the power to take certain decisions thatprovide personal benefits. But as these decisions did not affect (interrupt) the happiness of the people, people let it happen.
Machiavelli believed that human being is evil by nature. The human...
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