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  • Publicado : 29 de septiembre de 2010
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In many institutions, diagnostic exams are applied, and there is a case that some teachers and other school authorities had noticed. This situation is that in this type of exams in some specificquestions, men get better results than women. A teacher suggested that these questions should be erased in order to increase the level of the obtained results in women. As expected, this argument is adebate topic that is worth to discuss.
When people say that in present days it has to be equality in every aspect, and the differences between men and women no longer exist, they are telling us that nomatter what, every person has to be treated in the same way. An obviously this breaks with the “macho” stereotype, like the old ideas that men were superior than women and in the past the societyeven thought that females were kind of stupid, which is a very retrograde and baseless way of thinking.
In my opinion these past ideologies and thoughts are taking force with these kinds ofarguments such as the one that was mentioned earlier, in this case the author of the suggestion is depriving women value because if you are saying that a group of persons, in this case women, must have ahandicap in order to be even with men, then you are giving bases to the discriminatory ideas of “machismo”, this is an attitude that ranges from a personal sense of virility to a more extreme malechauvinism. For these reasons I’m against this proposition and everything that it involves.
May be the teacher that made that proposition hadn’t the intention to create an anti-feminist argument, but thebasic idea that can be noticed on the situation, regardless of the intention of the author, is that females are not capable of answering tests in the same way as males, and that they need extra help,so this returns us to the beliefs of the men’s superiority over women. So if a woman wants to change a stereotype or way of thinking like the ones we already discussed, she needs to prove it in...
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