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Poster Analysis Rubric (Grade 9)
Beginning 2
Analyse the use of imagery and text in the poster and commented on their effectiveness.
Identifies the various components of a poster and express anopinion about them.

Developing 3
Demonstrates an awareness of the purpose behind one or more of the elements of the poster design. e.g. colour, image or text choice.

Accomplished 4
Explains thechoices made by the designer and demonstrates an understanding of the techniques being employed to deliver the poster's message.

Exemplary 5
Understands the effects being created (as for 4) andgives a well thought out critique of why it does or doesn't work. Comments on the true motive for the poster (as in 4) with a well thought out analysis of the effectiveness in achieving this aim.Demonstrates a good understanding of the techniques being used through suggestions on how the real objective of the poster is achieve OR how it could be improve to better achieve its objective. Evidence ofproofreading with correct spelling throughout, including complex or unfamiliar words. Evidence of understanding relevant grammar structures for the writing task.

Understand the motive for creatingthe poster Identifies the main idea or and who its target product of the poster. audience is and comment on its success. Suggestions of any changes to the poster design or justification for the posterbeing successful as it is.

Awareness of the motivation Discusses who the poster is for for the poster and an analysis and what the designer wants to of the target audience. i.e. communicate tothem. What they want to say and who they want to say it to.

Suggestions on how the overall design of the poster Gives a suggestion about a Suggestions about how the can better suit the objective orsuperficial aspect of the poster image or text might be better better reach the intended design (e.g. change the colour designed OR comments on audience OR clear justification to suit the authors...
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